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Friday, October 10

9 am - Bea Chestnut

Practicing Presence Through Enneagram-Informed Inner Work


In this talk, Beatrice Chestnut will draw on her experience as a psychotherapist and long-time student of the Enneagram to discuss how we can work toward maintaining a stronger sense of presence in our daily lives. By reflecting on the challenges involved in staying present and reviewing different Enneagram-related perspectives on and pathways to achieving a greater sense of presence, she will offer suggestions and insights about how we can all practice presence more consciously as we engage in our inner work.


Saturday, October 11


9 am - Leslie Hershberger

Love's Here. Coming Home to Receive It


Relationships are living, breathing organisms with interdependent, ever-changing parts and natural times of "dis-ease," stagnation, flow and harmony. In this session, through story, music, insight and practice, Leslie offers hope for relationships by sharing conscious practices that cultivate your capacity to respond to these shifts and changes.


You'll learn restorative interventions and, by cultivating three-centered contemplative presence, grow in your capacity to know which intervention is needed in a given moment. As you come home to yourself, you also are more likely to be available to receive the Love that's always there and to trust yourself and the natural unfolding of relationship...including during the challenging times when hope seems elusive.


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2:45 pm - Renee Siegel

9 Paths to Recovery


This workshop focuses on how the Enneagram has been useful to those seeking recovery from both substance and process addictions. The journey from abstinence to recovery spans many phases. Denial, shame and rationalization are just three of the common defense mechanisms that most addicts seeking recovery can identify with. The workshop will cover the following learning objectives:

  1. Review of types and the likelihood of various addictive patterns emerging based on type
  2. Live interview with a person active in the recovery process
  3. Presentation of a recently developed treatment tool
  4. Information about how the Enneagram can be integrated at various stages of treatment


Friday, October 10

1:30 - 3 pm - Choose 1:

Peter O'Hanrahan

Working with Our Emotional Habits:

The Key to Unlocking Our Type and Subtype Patterns


The emotional habit is the vital key to working with the patterns of our type structure. It provides the fuel for our defenses; it sustains our fixation or habit of mind; and it infiltrates and distorts the activity of our subtype. The nine "passions" are traditionally described with the language of the Christian seven deadly sins, plus two. But it's time for an update! Not everyone is a Christian and the list of "sins" does not describe the passions accurately enough. Anger and fear are clearly emotions, but gluttony and lust? More like behaviors. And envy is just one aspect of a much larger issue.


We'll explore how to identify the actual emotional states - not only when they are obvious, but also how they set up chronic contractions in the heart center. For example, as an Eight I can certainly notice my big anger, but it's harder to spot the contraction of "hard-heartedness" or being "against" people, which is more subtle. What does it take to open our hearts? We can learn through feedback from others, our own self-awareness practice, and the signals from our bodies. Expect a lively presentation and discussion, body awareness practice and type groups.


Download handout - Emotional Habits (PDF) >


Ruth Hill

One Body, Two Gazes, Three Gestures

From the two, there are three
which constitute the one...
a new being...a new arising

- Jaap van der Wal

This workshop is an invitation to begin the journey inward by making a 180° turn and looking into the "last frontier"... our own eyes. Using the inner gaze as guide, we will hear the story of our creation, our becoming into being.

Story, image, poetry and movement will open us to experience ourselves as a living paradox, as a living Law of Three. We will reconnect with the generative energies that created us as the regenerative forces that keep us alive today...the ground that underlies the patterns that shape our lives and opens the possibility to change.


3:30 - 5 pm - Choose 1:

Elizabeth Reed

Sufi Perspectives and Spiritual Practices:
Toward an Embodied Presence

Who are the Sufis? And what lessons might this mystical universalist path have to offer on "living with heads in the air and feet on the ground"? Sufis are commonly known as those who follow "the path of the heart," the heart as the spiritual base from which all knowing and all doing occurs. Many similarities exist between principles of the Enneagram and those of the mystic Sufi path, and we will note some general connections through experiential processes.

This workshop will introduce various forms of spiritual practices indigenous to the Native Middle East, including breath, sounding, chant and movement. Together we will concentrate on practices that support us toward "Embodied Presence," which the Sufis call a release from the "nafs," a concept similar to not acting from one's type. Come join in some momentary experiences of Unity's Presence, our hearts held in the Heart of the One. No previous experience or knowledge is required, just an open mind and heart. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Susan Olesek

The Enneagram and Incarceration:
Freeing Ourselves from the Prisons of Our Minds

Through her own journey inward while working with the incarcerated, Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) Founder Susan Olesek has learned that "We're all in a prison of our own making." In this session, Susan will draw on both the voices of the formerly incarcerated and her own personal narrative to make it clear that we all get in trouble with our personalities, no matter which side of the bars we live on.

EPP's mission is to offer an intrapersonal freedom to the incarcerated before they get out, a process that begins with looking carefully within ourselves. Witnessing this compelling, real-life application of the Enneagram will demonstrate, beyond any doubt, that the Enneagram system does not discriminate and will bring you to a more compassionate understanding of what it means to be fallible, vulnerable - human.

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